A Complete Beginners Guide To Monster Legends – Mobile Game

Lots of games are made by the game industry in order to give more enjoyment to game lovers. Monster Legends is one of the games which help users to reduce all mental stress by enjoying more.

It is a multiplayer game that can be played on browsers, Facebook or in Android and iOS devices.

Develop your island

When a user enters the Monster Legends game, he/she needs to develop their own island in order to battle hard. More of opponents are there from which a player needs to win to earn more game currencies. Before going to battle one needs to create their army of beasts and needs to make an island.

The island you make is mainly known as the base of every army, on which you can feed, train, create and grow monsters to make a powerful army.


The game currency is categorized into three parts: –

  • Gems
  • Food
  • Gold

It is essential to collect all the currencies in a sufficient amount. It helps the user to play the game smoothly without any inheritance. It helps them to feed, train their army and upgrade them in order to fight against various opponents. Use some legit monster legends cheats to start with and earn free gems quickly.

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Collect monsters’ egg

With the use of gold or gems, one can buy the monster eggs to grow an army. While checking the list of monsters available in shop one can perfectly know how rare the monsters are.

Also, one can check their attacks and all the features to know. With the knowledge of all features and attacks, a player can unlock the rare monster to pass more levels.

Buy food

In order to upgrade the monster’s level up, you need to feed and train them properly. More they consume the food more they will get bigger and stronger. When you reach higher levels, you can easily purchase the pack of food in exchange of 100 golds.

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