An ultimate beginner guide to Hustle Castle!


Hustle Castle is a popular RPG game available on Android and iOS devices for free. It is a new battle strategy game where each user needs to create their empire also need to fight with various creatures. If one gets failed to defeat the enemies, he/she’ll lose the empire. Lots of challenging missions, tasks are added in the game to provide unlimited fun. Like a user needs to train their army, build more buildings, roads, bridges, expand the fortress in addition to defeat the rivals.

One can use their spare time to enjoy the game and to enhance mental skills. It is profoundly researched that many people from around the world come to enjoy the game. If you are a newbie to play, then you should know some useful tips and tricks to progress in the game faster. Keep focused on the mentioned tips: –

When it comes to building an empire, a gamer needs to use the best material for faster development. Using the best equipment’s permits all the players to save more time and defeat dangerous rivals. Also, not in the construction of an empire, one needs to choose the powerful equipment for training the army. It helps them to make the military stronger as no one another rival can. So, we can easily say that one needs to think 2 times while selecting final equipment.

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  • When to upgrade the throne room

Upgrading the throne room is essential for the player, but one needs to improve the empire first. When the kingdom becomes mighty, then the player needs to update the throne room. It helps them to progress faster without getting much stressed or annoying.

A lot of new stuff also items will be unlocked when it comes to upgrading the throne room. In other words, one doesn’t need to update this room until there is a particular need.

  • Leave one fighter at the training room

When it comes to training the squat one needs to leave one soldier at the training room. Opting this option permit a player to always be busy in training which leads to the strongest army. Make sure you leave one fighter at the training room even you are going for multiple raids.

The soldier will keep powering up until it becomes perfect for the barracks. When one has enough space in the barracks, they will add a super-powered warrior in it.

  • Try to earn more currency

If one needs to play the game smoothly without any disturbance, he/she needs to obtain more currency. Mainly there are two types of currencies used to perform every work, namely: – coins and diamonds. Diamonds are considered as the premium currency of the game, which can be used to upgrade the items or rooms. You can also explore here some more interesting ways to earn the currency of the game through hustle castle hack and cheats.

Whereas, coins are regarded as the primary currency of the game. Coins can be used to take part in multiple activities or for purchasing weapons. So, it is recommended for each user to collect more currency as faster as possible.

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