Complete Beginners Guide To Sweatcoin Activity Tracker App

Want to become fit? Want to get motivation? Want to earn money? All these questions have a simple answer, i.e. Sweatcoin. It is a mobile app which provides you more motivation to become fit and healthy. During using this app, it used to count your steps and convert into coins. After collecting a specific number of coins, one can turn into real cash or can transfer into the bank.

It is considered a prime motivation for doing exercise and earn more incentives. There are more benefits of using this app that you need to know without taking much stress and tension. Here we discuss a complete beginner guide to use such application and earning money.

What is Sweatcoin Activity Actually?

Basically, in simple words, Sweatcoin is a kind of digital coins earned by being active. To receive more incentives, one needs to download this application and keep it running every time. Whenever you run or walk outside, it used to count all the steps. For every 1000 steps, it used to provide under 1 Sweatcoin. Hope you understand what is it actually!

No money

There is no need to spend any cent to download this app as it is totally free. It means you can better save more money and efforts to earn incentives.

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After earning a specific number of Sweatcoins, one can quickly redeem it on various types of grants. Such kinds of gifts are: –

  • Sports watches
  • Gift certificates
  • E-books
  • Airline miles
  • Amazon cards credit

And many more rewards one can redeem after collecting more coins. Also, this helps you to become always fit and do every work with more motivation.

Cannot include fake steps

This application includes such restrictions that you can’t include false steps to earn incentives. Fake steps such as riding your bike or swimming do not include any steps. However, there are several legit sweatcoin hack and cheats are available to earn more of them. Check them out.

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