How to Get Free Amazon Gift Card Codes Legally

free amazon gift card codes

Are you looking for free Amazon Gift card codes? Tried all those fake online generators and still not found one working? Actually All Online Generators Are FAKE !!

Here you will learn about legal and genuine ways to get free amazon gift card codes.

Well, when it comes to an understanding the ways to get amazon gift cards for free, the very first thing comes in our mind is to go online and search for how to get free amazon gift cards?


If am not wrong, you might also be heard about amazon gift card codes generator before; it is said that this amazon codes generator can generate free codes worth thousands of dollars.

In fact, there are lots of online sites available who claims to give unlimited codes for free with the help of amazon gift card generator. But have you ever witnessed any of such website working in front of you? Or have you ever got free amazon gift card codes for yourself from such sites without exchanging anything against amazon gift cards?

I guess your answer is NO. Or maybe DON’T KNOW…

Because it is a harsh reality, that no one is going to give you anything for free. Even if it is a garbage.

The only way possible to have these free amazon gift cards is when someone gifts them to you.

In the rest of situations, you have to exchange something against those amazon gift card codes. If it’s not money, then it should be something which is less important than real money.

It could be offers and discount coupons, cashback methods, free shipping options, online rewards against your purchase, bonus points on purchasing something, redeeming other points from the third party like MyPoints. And if nothing from these, they may be submitting your email id or phone numbers to providers which can be used later for promotional and advertising purpose by various marketing companies.

These are some of the exchanges which are used to get real amazon gift cards for free.

Free Amazon Gift Cards Generator {SCAM} – How It Works?

To know how amazon gift card generator works, we first need to understand the basics behind this concept. You may have seen lots of websites have an online program called amazon gift card generator on their website. They claim to give you free gift cards through this generator.

But what are these generators? And do they provide real amazon codes?

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Actually, this is nothing but a strategy to give something (other than money) against free amazon codes. As an example: they are just like a lottery system. And to enter into this system, you need to provide your email id as a participant. Then you got to choose your gift card requirement like $10, $20, $30, $50, $100 gift cards.

So here, you provide your email id to participate in this process. It means you gave no money but your email id as a payment for these free amazon codes for yourself. This is how these generators give you free gift cards against your provided information. Although, this method is not proven but lots of us assume that this can be the way to exchange these gift cards. You know, in today’s world, user’s information can be treated as a secondary money by various E-Commerce companies.

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Card Code (Legally)

Fortunately, there are some tested and working ways you can opt for getting the same benefits like using amazon gift card codes online while shopping for amazon products. Below mentioned are some working ways for you to try out while buying online for amazon products from relevant sites. Also If you are interested in other gift cards then visit our special gift cards category to learn more about different gift card codes you can get for free.

Become an Amazon Influencer to Get Free Amazon Products

Nowadays, there are lots of review sites rising for amazon products. These sites help peoples who sales their products on These people want only an honest review for their products on amazon. So, they offer free products to reviewers to write a review on them for amazon site.

These reviews will help the sellers to rank their products higher on the amazon. So, it is best option to become an honest reviewer for amazon products in order to get free amazon products for yourself.

Below are listed some of the product review sites you can sign up for free to order your first free product today. Do check them out. It’s totally free and working.


This website gives us an opportunity to become a products reviewer. You can sign up on tomoson for free and order any product available on amazon for free to write a review on social sites or a blog post for them. The only minimum condition is you must have 100 and above FB friends/fans and 100 or above twitter followers who are not very hard for anyone today.

  • is another one Amazon FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) seller looking for peoples to review their products. That is the reason why this site gives their users massive discounts on their products against a small blog post for their product. can also be used to get discounted products from amazon.


Don’t like to write a massive blog post or a detailed review of products? Don’t worry, on all you need to do is write a review in short sentence about the product on amazon site, and that’s all. Get discounted FBA products from vipon today and enjoy.

How to Shop For Free On Amazon? {Legally}

The answer for how to shop free from is in detailed and stepped to understand easily. If you are a smart buyer and know how to get a deal on your condition, then there are limitless chances for you to shop free (in limited ways) from amazon site. So, let’s take a look at some important steps you should follow to shop free from amazon site.

  • Become an Amazon Prime Member

If you think Amazon Prime Membership is worthless, then you are totally wrong. You can do lots of things which can benefit you in the long run by just using amazon prime membership in your favor.

As we all know the benefits of amazon prime membership, so rather discussing on them, let us discuss how we can benefit this membership using some great tricks for shopping with amazon prime.

  • Chance of getting free $10 credit into your amazon account

We all know the Amazon Prime’s 2-day shipping promise. But there come times when amazon fail (very rarely) to deliver your products on time. In this case, you got an opportunity to get free up to $10 into your account. All you need to do is just call amazon customer care and tell them your concern about how you missed the timing of delivery of a product. Most of the times for the sake of their prime customer’s interest, amazon try to make a settlement with you and offer you $5-$10 into your account. This amount can be used to shop free from amazon. Isn’t it’s a great trick?

  • Chance to get 2 products at a price of 1

If you are amazon prime member, and you got a broken product from amazon which is less than $50 in amount. It is possible for you to obtain the new replacement product without sending earlier broken one back to amazon. All you need to do is maintain you’re calm while talking with the customer service and tell them about your inconvenience.

If your luck is good, they may tell you to keep the broken one product with you only and we will send you a fresh one for free. And if the broken product still manages to work perfectly, then it’s your win. But this trick only works when the product itself is from the origin on amazon. If the product is from third party, then this method may not work.

  • Chance to get free amazon gift cards and credits

3 to 4 times in a year, amazon gives an opportunity to its prime users to collect their free amazon gift cards. They offer additional free gift cards worth $5 to $10 on purchasing of $50 plus gift cards in the offer.

You can also earn free credits worth up to $20 from amazon by choosing the slower speed of shipping your products at the time of purchasing.

  • Shop on Amazon through Rewarding Credit Cards

Use best of credit cards to shop on amazon as they reward you discounts on products while purchasing or you can collect reward points which can be used to shop for free on amazon in future.

There are some of the best credit cards available to shop on amazon who can either provide buyback reward points or discounts while shopping.

  • Subscribe to Amazon Promotions

You will not believe but lots of great deals can be found in those promotional emails from amazon. Most of them look spam, but not all of them. You could find the best deals in these emails if you look carefully for your benefits. So, being updated from these emails for getting best deals on your product is just another trick for shopping cleverly from amazon.

Summiting Up

So, we talked about free amazon gift card codes, how to get these gift cards online, what are amazon gift card generators, how to shop free on amazon and lots of tips and tricks for buying on amazon sites.

We also understood that, nothing is free in this world and how market research companies and e-commerce companies use data as a secondary money to understand our behaviour and lifestyle.

If you liked this information and found this useful for everyone, then please do share this post with your friends and family and let them know how you can shop on amazon for free by using gift cards and freeways.

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