How to Succeed In Call of Duty Mobile Game?

how to succeed in call of duty mobile

Are you trying to succeed in Call of Duty Mobile game faster?

Desire to become the master of shooters and play smoothly?

If yes, try to focus on the mentioned content more in order to solve all queries besides gaining more benefits. Call of Duty Mobile is one of the exciting first-person shooting games introduced for Android and iOS devices by TiMi Studios.

Many playing modes, challenges, missions are added that you need to complete for rewards as well as for entertainment. 3D graphics, features, functions help the users to experience a new action moment. Players can change controls, graphic settings as per their device, comfort-ability, and requirements.

The game is entirely free to play, so all users with excellent shooting expertise can enjoy the game more besides can reduce mental stress. It became harder for players to succeed in the game as soon as possible due to its modes, challenges, and challenging tasks. But here we are going to mention some top strategies to go far in the game without getting stressed.

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Change graphics

For playing Call of Duty Mobile smoothly, players need to change the graphics and controls first. As per their device capability, they can adjust the HD graphics and can explore endless entertainment.

The game contains high definition graphics that can hang low ram devices, so they need to change the settings.

When it comes to change the control settings, gamers can know how to use the weapons or Avatars correctly. They can easily set controls to perform every work efficiently without wasting time on finding features.

Shooting mode

There are two shooting modes available in the game named as advanced and straightforward. A simple way is perfect for beginners in order to understand the basics, controls, and essentials of the game.

When it comes to playing advance mode, gamers need to change so many options besides to understand every difficult feature to progress.

As per the playing experience, you can choose an excellent shooting mode for achieving personal goals.

Use drones in multiplayer mode

When you play multiplayer mode of Call of Duty Mobile, you can find so many drones to use. Continuously killing all enemies will offer a drone to the users with which they can grab additional benefits. With a drone, you’ll be rewarded a missile.

With the help of a drone, players can find enemies besides can drop missiles in order to gain more benefits. The rocket will kill all enemies as soon as possible with an excellent radius blast. Make sure that you are using all the weapons accurately for avoiding opponent attacks.

Upgrade weapons wisely and collect rewards

While leveling up in Call of Duty Mobile, users are offered various prizes as a bonus. All of them are suggested to receive the awards as some rewards come in main menus without displaying on the home.

On the other hand, try to keep your all weapons upgraded to enhance overall playing performance besides damage to the guns.

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