Marvel Strike Force Tips and Tricks for Beginners

marvel strike force tips

Marvel Strike Force is an exciting turn-based strategy RPG game introduced by the FoxNext. The set includes all the characteristics, heroes, villains, aliens of Marvel.

Every player in the game needs to create a team of their favorite heroes/villains to protect the earth. They need to fight with lots of enemies for the protection besides need to become the hero. Plenty of challenges, missions, fights, and levels are added in the game that you need to complete.

3D graphics, advanced features, and function of the Marvel Strike Force make it more accessible as compared to others. Playing the game smoothly allows gamers to explore endless fun besides reduce daily life stress quickly.

It’s not an easy task to progress faster in the game more quickly or to play smoothly as users need to face hard challenges as well as days. If you are a beginner in Marvel Strike Force, then it is really complicated to pass some days for understanding every concept.

Don’t panic more, here we are going to mention some beginner’s tips, and tricks need to follow. It helps beginners to play smoothly besides have more fun.

Play the game tutorial

For understanding what’s inside the game, controls, or some features, users must need to play the tutorial part correctly. It helps them to learn what to do in the game or how it is going to be super excited.

Players can analyze the game is enjoyable to play or not by performing this task. Also, they can decide to move forward for unlimited entertainment or not. Players need to learn what they are going to perform in the Marvel Strike Force game.

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Regular challenges

After completing some basics, you’ll see the objectives options or daily missions’ option to play. Playing daily missions wisely helps players to achieve a lot of benefits that help to succeed faster.

Regular challenges offer different tasks to users from which they can collect in-game resources/currencies. Beginners can quickly learn how to play the game, features, controls, and essentials by playing daily missions.

Well, it is considered as one of the best sources to collect in-game resources for moving forward without more complications. They need to manage resources as much as possible to play like a pro without getting stressed or frustrated.


After passing certain levels of Marvel Strike Force game, players are allowed to play campaign missions. These missions are designed to offer more fun to users besides to spend more effort.

It is the most significant source to earn shards, unlock characters, or heroes. In simple words, playing campaign missions allows you to unlock more heroes besides build up a powerful team. Also, with that, an individual can gain more power, upgrades, skills, Experience as well as high tiers.


Gold is considered one of the main currencies of the Marvel Strike Force game. With this currency, users can purchase more items, upgrades as well as the power to win fights smoothly. Performing all tasks correctly and using in-app purchases options allows you to gain more Gold.


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